3 activities that bring you neighborhood together

3 activities that bring you neighborhood together - Suggies

Strengthen your community by bringing the neighborhood together

Especially after COVID, bringing your community together is more important than ever.

Three of my favorite community bonding activities are: 

  1. Get the children together for a physical game 

What's better than watching your kids and neighbor’s kids play with each other?

Be creative with this one, ask your kids what type of game they would like to play. 

Some good ideas are a scavenger hunt, red light green light, and group jump rope.

Scavenger hunt: I hide various things around the property and give the kids clues for what they are looking for. 

Red light green light: Have 1 person yell out green light, and then all the kids can move forward, then that person yells out red light and the kids have to stop. Whoever doesn’t stop in time gets sent back to the starting line. 

Group jump rope: Take a really long jump rope and make a few kids jump together. Time them and the group that lasts the longest wins. 

  1. Invite the neighbors over for appetizers and games

Everyone loves eating appetizers and playing games. 

Don’t overthink this, just invite your neighbors over and ask them to bring an appetizer. 

Pull out a deck of cards or a board game and enjoy yourself!

  1. Host a neighbor doggie play date

Trust me when I say there will be a smile on everyone's face.  

Use a fenced yard. The less fancy landscaping, the better.

Add a couple of dog toys in the mix and you’ll have hours of entertainment. 

Now it's your turn! Take initiative in your community and bring everyone together.

Try one of these or add a twist of your own. We're curious, which one of these gathering activities will you be doing?

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