Welcome! We are so glad you found us. Suggies makes stylish, comfortable, planet friendly shoe, hand-crafted in our home state of California. Our flexible, cushion shoe fits most foot types.

Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Follow this guide when selecting your Suggies size:
U.S. Size BENDY order size Cushy order size Inches Centimeters
5.5 5.5 6 8.8" 22.2 cm
6 6 6 8.9" 22.5 cm
6.5 6 7 9.1" 23 cm
7 7 7 9.3" 23.5 cm
7.5 7 8 9.4" 23.8 cm
8 8 8 9.5" 24.1 cm
8.5 8 9 9.7" 24.6 cm
9 9 9 9.9" 25.1 cm
9.5 9 10 10.0" 25.4 cm
10 10 10 10.2" 25.9 cm
10.5 10 11 10.3" 26.2 cm
11 11 11 10.5" 27.1 cm

Frequently asked fit questions:

I have a high in-step. Will Suggies work?

Suggies fits a medium instep. Our shoe is Italian suede so it will stretch some on the instep. If your arch is slightly high, our shoe will stretch to your foot but if you have a very high instep Suggies will not fit you. We do have exciting new plans in the works for an additional pattern launching in late 2021 that will fit all more  instep heights.

My foot is wide. Will Suggies work?

Yes, but you will need to order our wides. We offer wide widths now in some colors. Our wides will fit a C-D width. Our wide shoes won't work for E widths.

My foot is narrow. Will Suggies work?

Our current production runs are medium widths. If you have a slightly narrow foot, the Suggies will fit you. If you are a AA or AAA narrow Suggies will not work for you.

Does the Suggies footbed have arch support?

Since arch positioning on the foot varies from person to person, you will not see a raised support at the arch, but our footbed supports the arch very well. Our cushioned, thick footbed is made of slow recovery foam so the ball and the heel of your foot compress when you step down. This creates a natural arch between the ball and heel to support your particular foot shape.

Does Suggies work for bunions?

Leather is a supple material that conforms to the shape of your foot so our leather shoes will not constrict or cause foot pain or damage to bunions. Also, we don't include any hard reinforcements or glues in our shoe which can sometime cause irritation and pressure against bunions. So yes, women's with bunion tell us the Suggies is a good choice.