4 easy tips for effortless chic style

4 easy tips for effortless chic style

Sometimes, having an authentic, effortless chic style is easier said than done.


Hitting your style mark can be tricky. Of course, we all want to look our best, but it can be hard knowing what the right combination of casual and put-together is when shooting for an effortlessly chic vibe.


While most of us might admire somebody else's effortlessly chic style, we also know it can be hard to pull off. Luckily Suggies shoe will help you find this just-right balance!


1. First and foremost, the thing on your list should always include stylish-comfortable shoes like the ones from Suggies. You can count on them for comfort and style.


stylish comfort white leather flat

2. The vintage leather jacket is a secret weapon in all stylish-chic women's closets. This item rotates in frequently and never goes out of style. 


Layer a scarf around your ankle for some color.



women in urban setting in sustainabl grey suede shoes


3. Aim for neutral colors as you invest in clothing wardrobe basics. Blacks, grays, whites, and tans are your friends. Casual chic isn't so much about making an eye-popping statement; it is about looking relaxed and comfortable with your style. 


Neutral and tone-on-tone shades can open you up for a splash of color in your shoe.


women in blue leather sustainable flat


Mix black Cushy and black trousers with a neutral cozy sweater over a tunic blouse. This goes to work, or is a put-together weekend look as well.


effort chic style


4. Think about wearing layers, not individual pieces, when getting dressed. A shirt dress or a utility jacket might not be much on its own, but throw them together with our cross-body bag, and you be going somewhere.


effortless chic women in leather flats


Getting the right balance usually means mixing elements, and grounding these looks with a pair of Suggies will ensure you are at the top of your style game.


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