5 wellness home remedies

5 wellness home remedies - Suggies

With the home being our everything - a gym, bar, and sanctuary, it's essential to make sure your space empowers you.  Where positivity flows, anything seems possible. As we turn toward summer and a brighter future for our world, here are some tips to keep your personal space fresh and full of potential. Forget about the pressure of anything needing to be perfect, as that won't happen. Let's leave that behind forever!
1. Choose a signature scent for your home

Scents are one of the most potent triggers for memory and emotion, so they are an easy way to boost your mood. It's all part of living well and manifesting little moments of joy in your day-to-day. So light up a scented candle and sparkle your way through it all. Shop your local boutiques or gift stores and find a scent that you can't live without. And why not keep it burning on your desk while you're at work? 
2. Declutter and donate
A decluttering project can be an enlightening experience. Having spent so much time at home the last year, many of us can see that we have more than enough. So from those clothes that never fit right to that cupboard full to inventive appliances rarely used, now is an excellent time to rethink their importance in your life. There are so many people in need right now; consider donating to a church or shelter if possible!
3. (Re)create a morning routine
For many of us, keeping a routine as of late has been challenging. Why not set your days off right this summer with a morning routine? Prepare and empower your mind, body, soul for the day. Find time in the early hours of the day to meditate, pray or journal on what's waiting for you. Include some sort of movement as well. It'll give new meaning to those words "good morning."
4. Make House plants your friend

House plants can be a great way to improve your mental outlook! Turns out the feeling of coziness, comfort, and relaxation that we get from hiking can also be experienced by interacting with indoor plants. Placing even just a few around the most-used spaces in our homes can have an overall relaxing effect on the body.
5. Carve out a nook
Small corners free of distraction that we can call our own are sometimes just what we need - a place to read, recharge or take a zoom call. A private corner with a comfy chair, fluffy throw, and a few favorite keepsakes are often just what is required to keep us going.
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