Ariel Green is spearheading the conversation on sustainability for women of color

Ariel Green is spearheading the conversation on sustainability for women of color - Suggies

It takes a lot of guts to spearhead the conversation, but that's exactly what Ariel Green does through her podcast and community, Sustainable Brown Girl.


Sustainable Brown Girl is a place where women and color can showcase the positive changes they're making for the planet. 


Through this outlet, Ariel has been able to highlight environmental activists, climate justice lawyers, and small business owners galore—but we can't forget just how much Ariel herself is doing for the greater good. 


"I created the Sustainable Brown Girl community to highlight, connect, and inspire black, brown, and indigenous women within the sustainability movement."


No change is too small for Ariel, who features brown girl influencers making sustainable choices on a personal level. Think going vegan, shopping second hand, or reducing waste.


Based in Atlanta with her husband and houseplants, Ariel is an avid gardener, home cook, and content creator. 


She also manages a personal brand, Naturally Mermaid, where she gets the chance to review sustainable purchases and talk about her own experiences with environmentalism.


"I'm passionate about finding new ways to live sustainably in order to improve the health of the planet and our bodies."


The "stubborn whiteness of environmentalism," as Inside Higher Ed puts it, is nothing new. Back in 2018 when Ariel first began her low waste journey, she immediately noticed the white women at the forefront of the community—but she knew she wasn't the only person of color interested in saving the planet. 


"The goal of Sustainable Brown Girl is to share these incredible womens' stories to support them and inspire other women of color to make better choices for the health of our planet and the health of our bodies."


Black history month may only make up February, but movers and shakers like Ariel are changing the tides with every season. Building communities by and for people of color—and women of color specifically—help make space for the voices that have historically been left out of the conversation.


Now, Ariel is one of the amazing women of color who is fueling the conversation about climate change and the health of our planet. This talk only continues to spread.


For Suggies, it is an absolute honor to witness the Black joy, the joy of people of color, that's working to save a planet we all inhabit.


From the perspective of our own small, women-run business, there is something so deeply altruistic about this that it's hard to put into words. 


Ariel's Sustainable Brown Girl podcast and community—as well as her Naturally Mermaid brand—continue to propel change for the planet. All the while, she's providing a platform for women of color who have so much to give to environmentalism. 


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