BENDY is now Suggies!

BENDY is now Suggies! - Suggies

Hey there! Mary Sue and Caroline here,


We wanted to take a sec, and tell you that we are rebranding BENDY to Suggies.


Caroline and I started BENDY because we wanted to create an alternative to shoes made with unethical and environmentally unfriendly practices.


When we used to wear these other shoe brands, we just didn’t feel comfortable showing them off. Something felt wrong. 


Something needed to change in our industry. This is why we started BENDY back in 2018 from a Kickstarter campaign. We are keeping the same shoe, but changing the name!


Meet Suggies! (pronounced Shoog-Ease)


We want the face of Suggies to demonstrate how our consciously comfortable shoes can make a difference in people’s life. How anyone can wear our shoes and feel like they are contributing to making our planet more sustainable and a healthier place to work -- all while looking chic 😎.

Suggies are fun banner
pair of aloe green bendys on a chair
Suggies are casual bannerSuggies tan and white resting on a mid century stylie chain