Creating a hub for great conversation (a story about Liv Young)

Creating a hub for great conversation (a story about Liv Young) - Suggies

The global pandemic pulled apart a lot of communities because we were isolated from each other.


Needless to say, it’s super important for us to stay connected and support each other. 


Today’s story is about Liv Young, she is a 20 something mama to 3 girls who started and runs 2 coffee shops.


With the desire to connect more people, Liv’s cafes are run with the idea of being a beautiful space full of great conversations (and amazing coffee!)


One of our favorite parts about her coffee shops is that they are primarily focused on sustainability. They even offer reusable coffee jars to cut down on unnecessary paper and plastics. 


Her specialty coffee shop, Simple Coffee Co., is tucked away in a beautiful small town in Colorado. 


This idea came into Liv’s mind when she was in high school and worked as a barista. After a few other career paths, plenty of ups and downs, she was able to get her cafe up and running in November 2019. 


It worked so well that she opened her 2nd location in January 2021!


She accredits a lot of her success to the ability to stop and take the necessary time to rest. “We live in such a world of hustle that people often neglect to get enough rest”, said Liv.


One thing she loves to do in her coffee shops is to wear colorful clothes with a pair of Suggies to match. Not to mention, Liv is obsessed with how comfortable her Suggies shoes are when she spends all day long on her feet. 


When she is not running her coffee shops or chasing kiddos around, you can find Liv singing, playing guitar, and playing the piano. 


liv young with a cup of coffee in hand

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