Going green is always a good idea in the home

Going green is always a good idea in the home - Suggies

If ever there were a time for a spring refresh of our homes, it’s now.  We have been cooped up for too long and why not hit refresh in our living spaces?


Today we offer up a tip to freshen up our living space and make every day living more enjoyable. 


Our decorating tip today?  Plants!


Going green is always a good idea in the home.


There is a lot to be said for having houseplants. They provide all kinds of health and wellness benefits – doctors are even prescribing them for anxiety, depression and loneliness. They are also a beautiful, zero-waste decorating option. Why buy more stuff for decor when living green things have so much visual impact, are enduring in style, and won't end up in the landfill!


1.Go Small


Small plants look beautiful in interiors. Due to their versatility and low maintenance they are perfect for basically any space in the house. The most common small plants are: cactus, air plants, aloe, English ivy and Philodendron. Choose variation to leave colors, sizes and textures.


 2. Old school inspo


Flip the script on old Tudor houses by growing ivy on interior walls instead of outside. Trailing plants and ivies can be trained to climb.



3. Mobilize a tree


Put a tree on wheels! This is a great way to move your tree around to get more light or get it out of an area that may be too cold ... or to keep you company in different rooms. Who needs plants in every room when you can have one plant in all of them? It also makes it easy to wheel your baby outdoors for some outside time when the weather is suitable.


4. Use plants in a surprising way

A pantry plant? Why not? Scattering small plants around in surprising places is a delightful way to perk up any space.


Indoor houseplants add so much texture and life to a space, they are a great way to decorate a home, especially  minimalist styles. It’s also super rewarding to watch them grow. There’s nothing like seeing a new baby leaf on a plant you’ve been caring for!




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