New year new vibe : see what is ahead for our planet friendly shoe

New year new vibe : see what is ahead for our planet friendly shoe - Suggies



This was a very rough year for many of us and like you, our company faced some big challenges and setbacks.  As a company, we had to think, adjust, learn and listen in order to navigate our way through. We bravely forged ahead and have come to believe that our planet friendly shoe and sustainable business model is more relevant and important than ever. So with the New Year, we have a new vibe. See what is ahead for us.


Today we’d like to share with you our plans and what we are preparing for you this year. 


And also we want to thank you for your continued support, without you we wouldn’t be here!

sketch of shoe with reinforced toe




We improved our pattern by adjusting our topline ever so slightly so it will fit a higher instep and not feel as snug. This means BENDY will fit more foot types.


We are now reinforcing the forefoot. Through customer feedback, we learned that our shoe could be improved by strengthening this area.  


This increases the durability of our shoe so your BENDYs will wear better and last longer.  


We see this as a win for you and for the environment.


And you know what? Bendy will have a side kick in 2021.


Look for a new pattern to be launching. Same comfort and as true to our value (planet friendly shoes). We think you are going to  love them!



Our makers

Our California factory shifted from making shoes to protective gowns, isolation suits, and face masks in March to help combat the nationwide shortage of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) for people on the front lines. 


We had to pause shoe-making  but then we started up again in the Fall.


This caused some unexpected size and color shortages in core colors, but we are working really hard  to restock them by March.



A new website and look is coming in 2021


In the last quarter, we’ve spent a lot of time working on a new look and a new website for our brand. 


Our new site will better showcase our brand’s personality and our commitment to sustainable shoe making.  


Many of you know we are self-funded and launched our business in 2019 with a crowdfunding campaign.


We have learned, made adjustments and are building on our successes. We are brimming with excitement over this new look that is coming soon, stay tuned!


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