Our 5 star review shoe : BENDY

Our 5 star review shoe : BENDY - Suggies



We hope you are doing well. 


The shoes we chose to wear all day should provide a comfortable base for our busy lives, but let’s face it, comfort does not always mean cute and stylish.  


We all have those bulky shoes in our closets that are comfortable but we prefer not to be seen in them! That’s  why we created BENDY. We were shooting for the comfort of a sneaker AND the style of a flat. 


But we also knew there were a gazillion shoe brands. In fact, we believed the world needed another shoe like it needed another coal burning power plant.


We had a hunch if we could create one that put planet and people first AND be stylish and comfortable, we could stand out from the crowd.


And guess what?


We succeeded.


Now we can tell you that positive reviews NEVER get old.  We still jump for joy when women tell us they love our planet-friendly, comfy shoe.


Today we thought we would share a few with you.


Because of customers like you, we are able to do our part and offer women an alternative way to shop for comfortable shoes. 


Take care and thanks for your continued support of our small, sustainably-minded, 100% women-owned business!


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Review of bendy in women with polka dot skirt
women on back porch with dog in a pair of bendy shoes
women leaning against a wll in a pair of bendys
women sitting on a bench in a pair of bendys