Our Italian leather: softest and highest quality

Our Italian leather: softest and highest quality - Suggies

When we created Suggies, we wanted to find the softest, and highest quality leather possible and that didn't mean going halfway. That led us all the way to Italy!


Why did we choose Italian leather and what makes it different?


Well, the Italians have been obsessed with leather for centuries. It's a huge part of their culture and has become an integral part of fashion not only here but all around the world. So much so, that Italy is actually the top innovator when it comes to tanning leather. They've revolutionized techniques and methods to help make these materials more luxurious and durable and as import, more sustainable.


The leather used in Suggies is softer and more pliable than most leather shoes. It's also free from flaws or imperfections that you see in cheaper leathers.


Women often describe Suggies as "high quality" which is one reason they love them so much. Unless you buy your shoes in the $300+ range, chances are good that you haven't felt a shoe this nice before.


And speaking of leather..did you ever wonder why we chose leather for our shoe?


Leather is an ideal material for shoes because it breathes (doesn't make your feet sweat) and forms to your foot, making them more comfortable than synthetic and man-made materials.


It is also no coincidence that our Italian tannery took the lead in creating a business model that put the environment first. Tanning is one of the most delicate steps in our shoes’ environmental footprint, so it should come as no surprise to you that we have partnered with this like-minded team. They are reducing tanning’s  impact on our planet through the best technology.


Our Italian tannery holds:


    • The Gold Certification of The Leather Working Group (L.W.G.). for its ethical, environmental and safety practice in the processing of hides.


    • Blauer Engel-Certification, for minimizing their impact on the health, and the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases.


You may or may not  know that tanning leather isn't a very pleasant process, and if you google it, you'll find some pretty disturbing images.


All over Asia, there are tanneries using antiquated tanning processes - this is not only bad for the environment but also for the workers in these dangerous facilities.


Curious what a state of the art Italian tannery looks like?. Check out these images:

images of women working at Italian tannery


We're really excited about what we've created and we think it’s important to share with you why our shoe’s different. You see, style and comfort if only part of our journey. Each pair is a step toward a brighter future.


Thanks for giving this a read.


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