Suggies comfy stylish shoes at the Napa Makers Market

Mary Sue and Caroline at the Napa Markers Market

Caroline (my co-founder) frantically texted me at 6 am.

“Mary Sue, do you have the wooden display shelf? I can only find our crates.” 

I sure did! 

We were headed to downtown Napa to set up a booth at the Makers Market. We always love these events, because we get to see a ton of our community members and artisans in person. There is even a wine tasting room full of local wine for anyone to try. 

At the last market, we met another local artist who made outdoor furniture from upcycled wine barrels. We were fortunate to be serenaded with live music all day by local musicians 😍. 

I knew we had a long day ahead of us, so I put on a new pair of Suggies for the special event. 

We arrived and quickly set up our booth with every color of our shoes. Caroline’s nephew, Jeremy, made the wooden display shelves for us from reclaimed wood.

Without a second to spare, the Makers Market officially opened for business right as we finished setting up our booth.

We spoke to a few wonderful people, and then this local Napa woman came up and asked me a question I never forgot………...

She had a great personal style. She dressed comfortably and confidently. Her style looked effortless, but I am sure, like most women, her simple style evolved over the years as she sought out those coveted, feel-good favorite pieces of clothing and shoes.

She said, “I hate it when I get a new pair of shoes, they take so long to break in, and I just want to continue to wear my old pair of shoes. How long do Suggies take to break in?”

I responded, “Oh girlfriend. These are handmade to be perfect for wearing right out of the box. Here, try a pair on.” 

I can still remember the happily surprised look on her face when she put a pair on. 

And I am the perfect person to answer this question because I had just put on a new pair of shoes that morning! It never even occurred to me that they don’t need to be broken in. 

Once she tried them on, she didn’t want to take them off so she paid for them and carried her old shoes around with her for the rest of the day. 

We learn so much from being face to face with people. By watching women try on our shoes we have perfected our fit and learned so much about what is important to our community. It makes me appreciate spending time with my community (all while not having to break in a new pair of Suggies 😁)


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