We suggest you to break-up this Valentines day!

We suggest you to break-up this Valentines day! - Suggies

Yes you read it right, we suggest you break up on this Valentines day!

And by that we don't mean to break up with your loved one, don't worry.


What we ask you to consider, is a break up with fast fashion.


First, let's see what fast fashion actually is? 


  • Fast fashion is clothing that’s made quickly and cheaply so it will sync up with trends and what consumers want right now.


  • And when the trend of the moment has passed, new clothing appears on the racks, and people buy more...
quote on fast fast by lucy siegel

Lucy is right. It sounds fun, and it often looks fun and is something so many people love to buy. But there's a dark side of fast fashion.


  • Fast fashion is not only made to be disposable, worn for a season or less and discarded, but is incredibly energy consuming, polluting and wasteful.


  • And sadly 1 million tons of apparel and shoes ends up in landfill each year.


That's a lot!


Labor rights violations run rampant in countries where fast fashion is made and they have for many years.


And over the decades, fast fashion went from a minority player in the industry to becoming the new normal.


Take a look at these stats from China, where the majority of our shoes and clothes are made.

 list of fas fashion impact on the environment

We know, this is overwhelming information, but we are here to tell you that we can do something about this!


In fact, we started our company to offer women an alternative way to shop. We created BENDY to help women break up with fast fashion.


  • BENDY is handcrafted in our home state of California, by artisan shoemakers.


  • We can ensure that fair wages, safe working conditions, and no forced or child labor is used in making BENDY.


  •  We stitch our upper to the soles instead of using glue. This reduces workers exposure to toxic glues.


  • BENDY is made in small batches with shorter lead-times. This means we can more easily predict demand & avoid the dangers of over production associated with fast fashion.


They are simple, comfortable, stylish and more planet friendly. This last element has never been more important.


What else can you do to break up with fast fashion?


list of ideas for how to break up with fast fashion